Infinite Flight’s 10th Birthday!


After many years of updates and development, Infinite Flight will be turning ten years old. After flying on the simulator since the beginning, I have seen it through many different screens. Starting to play at the age of 5, Infinite Flight got me into Aviation. It helped me find how I want to spend the rest of my life!

Interview with the CEO of Etihad Virtual

Today we interviewed the CEO of Etihad Virtual, let’s take a look!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: Well! Hello there! I am Sharan Somayaji. I hail from the United States, and I’m currently living in India! I’m 17 years old, although 18 in two months. I love traveling, food and automobiles:) I might be headed to Dublin next year for my undergrad!!

Q: When did you start Etihad Virtual?

A: Actually, we got approved on the 5th of May. But we started a week before that — Omkar and I with Mafiaviation. Omkar is the present COO…


Open Beta

As of right now, the Open Beta is going strong. Some of the top things found and reported so far have been things such as weird pink lights on the A350, A319, and the A320. As of right now, the staff team at Infinite Flight has not yet announced a fix. One of the top things that need to be fixed before 21.1 is released to the public is some 3D objects not showing up. If some objects don’t show up, then there could be a rendering issue in the update. As of right now, Infinite Flight is still only…

Welcome Back to the IF Herald! We are glad to present our 5th edition

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drumroll for the IFC Member of the Week….

IFC Member of the Week

Congrats @applepro243

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Virtual Airline of the Week

Give a big round of applause to Allegiant Virtual!


21.1 Open Beta Release!

A game-changing week of Infinite Flight Over the past seven days, we have gotten to experience a virtually new Infinite Flight. Join me in this week’s edition as we reflect on what’s new! 21.1 Open Beta Once again, the staff could overwhelm the community with happiness by deciding to make an Open Beta Period for 2021’s first update. I cannot help myself but mention that I have taken advantage of being a beta tester for this update like many others, and wow… If you haven’t been able to participate in the beta, I can assure you that it will be…

IF Community Polls — An Open Editorial

ORDspotter | Jay.NL

Welcome back to this week’s edition of the Infinite Flight Herald. This article will be the first of its kind. We hope you enjoy it!

A new week, a new edition. Welcome back everyone, As you might remember, if you read Last Week’s Article, I briefly mentioned a unique article coming soon and left you with a question: “what do you think about Infinite Flight’s Staff team continuing to use polls after the most recent vote?” With the results of the A330 Vs. A220 Vote I began to think of how effective community votes are. I see…

The Chief Executive Officer of British Airways Sean Doyle has plans to prepare the A388 return to service. While other airlines are slowly retiring this aircraft like Lufthansa, Qatar, and more. Note* “Qatar’s A388 will not be leaving the long-term storage facility,” said the CEO of Qatar Airways Akbar Al Baker. The CEO has in addition said the A388 will be in their future plans and has restated that they are committed to operating the A388 while in stark contrast the British carrier retired its B747–400 fleet late last year. — Sean Doyle, CEO of British Airways

The British carrier currently operates 12 aircraft. British airways have…


On February 20th, 2021, One of the four engines of the queen of the skies exploded in midair, causing large chunks of metal debris to fall from the sky. Consequently, two people were injured, according to Dutch authorities.

The aircraft was a Boeing 747 Cargo jet operated by Longtail Aviation, a charter company. The plane was flying from the town of Maastricht in ]the Netherlands heading to New York City. According to CNN, the plane began experiencing severe engine problems with one of the engines.

Air India Express flight IX-1676 with the registration VT-GHE was involved in an accident at Vijayawada International Airport where it struck an electric pole while taxiing to its gate. The flight originated from Doha Hamad International Airport. All the crew and passengers on board experienced no injuries. The flight was supposed to continue to Trichy Airport that day but was grounded as the wing experienced minor damage due to impact from the pole.

Air India has opened up an investigation of this incident that happened. There is no information currently at the time of writing of the reason for this incident.

Photo Credit: Airliners.Net

Rithvik G, Managing Editor

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A Qatar Airways Airbus A350–900 was found to have cracks in its fuselage. The aircraft, which is around four years old, had not had a commercial flight in approximately two months. The plane had reportedly been flown to Toulouse in France to be inspected, although Airbus has stated that the issue is superficial. Qatar Airways has not commented on this issue, but we have contacted them asking for a statement. From reports, the cracks are only visible when the top coat of paint is stripped, leading to the possibility that the cracks appear only when the aircraft is painted, then…

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